Friday, September 24, 2021

iOS Safari Extension: StopTheMadness

Jeff Johnson:

People have been requesting StopTheMadness on iOS for literally 3 years!

I never thought it would be possible, but I was pleasantly surprised, to put it mildly, by the announcement of Safari extensions on iOS at WWDC.

I thrilled to finally be able to release it!

Jeff Johnson:

StopTheMadness is a web browser extension that stops web sites from making your browser harder to use. And it protects your privacy on the web! StopTheMadness works in Safari on iOS and iPadOS, and in all major web browsers on macOS, including Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and any other Chromium-based web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi. StopTheMadness is sold separately on the iOS App Store and Mac App Store.

Jeff Johnson:

[U]nfortunately App Store is very inflexible when it comes to cross-platform purchasing. It’s only possible in certain limited circumstances that don’t fit my apps.

The iOS version is $7.99, and the Mac version is $9.99.

Jeff Johnson (tweet):

I won’t screenshot the App Store page here, because I’d like people to judge the experience for themselves. There are a few featured extensions at the top, and below that there’s a list of “Must-Have Safari Extensions”. When I select “See All”, there’s a list of 22 extensions, written by 20 developers (2 developers have 2 extensions in the list). The featured extensions at the top of the previous Safari Extensions page are all included in this list too. Here’s my question: Where are the rest of the Safari extensions for iOS? An iOS user might understandably get the impression that these are the only Safari extensions available for iOS, because they’re the only Safari extensions shown by the App Store.


I’m complaining that there’s no comprehensive list of Safari extensions in the App Store. If an app isn’t featured, then it effectively doesn’t exist. […] Apple claims that the App Store gives developers access to over a billion customers, but what kind of “access” is it when the only way that customers find your app is if they follow a direct URL link to your app or search for your app by name (and hopefully see it below the irrelevant ads)?


Update (2021-10-04): Jeff Johnson:

StopTheMadness has a lot of features. From a marketing perspective, maybe too much a good thing! I want to highlight a few features often overlooked:

1) Allows PiP on YouTube (“Video controls” website option)

2) Deletes tracking tags from clicked links

3) Stops Google AMP


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StopTheMadness is a must have extension. So glad its finally on iOS

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