Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Stop The Madness

Jeff Johnson:

Have you ever tried to copy some text from a web site, but the web site prevented it? Or the web site inserted an advertisement into the copied text? Has a web site ever prevented you from pasting text into an input field? Has a web site ever disabled password autocomplete, for your “security”? It’s madness! But no longer. Today I’m releasing a new Safari app extension called StopTheMadness that stops web sites from messing with the standard Mac user interface features you love and depend on. StopTheMadness is available now in the Mac App Store.

Update (2018-05-01): Jeff Johnson:

Did you know that web sites can hijack your keyboard shortcuts in Safari? command-w, command-q, command-p, etc.

I’m working on stopping that too.

Jonathan Deutsch:

Please be sure to include command-f; I cannot stand it when sites (like @discourse forums!) disallow reasonable in-page find in favor of their global and broken searching. Thanks!

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And unfortunately only for 10.13 and later...

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