Friday, September 24, 2021

iOS Safari Extension: Amplosion

Christian Selig:

Amplosion automatically redirects from AMP links to normal websites.


  • A great deal of the time the website loads weirdly or incompletely, potentially missing parts or acting differently than you’re used to
  • AMP links add another opportunity for AMP providers to track you
  • The URLs often become really gross for sharing with friends, with a bunch of weird extra stuff shoved into them, or sometimes not even from the correct website

Parker Ortolani:

The app also lets you keep track of how many times you’ve visited an AMP link and how many times you’ve used Amplosion to avoid one. Amplosion is priced at just $1.99 and if you hate AMP as much as I do it’s well worth it.

Update (2021-09-29): Nick Heer:

Do not miss Selig’s announcement video.

See also: Hacker News.

Christian Selig:

Safari extensions require your permission to run, so in the interest of transparency I wanted to make the app completely open source. Amplosion’s Privacy Policy already states that it’s completely private (everything is handled locally, on-device) but why trust my words when you can go through the code itself? My intention is for this to serve as an extra layer of validation that Amplosion is a privacy-first app, and seeks simply to make your web browsing experience more pleasant.


The fact that so many people hate AMP the $3 iOS plugin to get rid of it is #1 in the app store is kind of an incredible sign of what a bad technology it is.

Nick Heer:

More notable, I think, is that it is the third most popular paid app of any kind in the Canadian App Store as I write this, sitting just behind Procreate Pocket and well ahead of Facetune, Wolfram Alpha, and at least four moose hunting apps.

Federico Viticci:

AMP is a user-hostile, useless technology that has harmed the mobile web and publishers who fall for it

Rob Ruenes:

current mood: you worked on the initial AMP launch and then bought this app 😌

John Wilander:

As I said, the Google AMP cache is the cross-site tracking stunt of the decade.

Valentino Volonghi:

[If] you click this link from macOS, it will open Apple News and ask for subscription, but if you open from iOS Twitter client it will open up on the news. I would argue this is much worse than what AMP does as well


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