Wednesday, August 25, 2021

New Club MacStories

Federico Viticci:

Today, we’re announcing the all-new Club MacStories featuring two additional tiers: Club MacStories+ and Club Premier. The new plans offer extra content, a brand new, powerful web app to read Club articles on the web with advanced search and RSS features, exclusive discounts, and a new Discord community.

Club Premier is the ultimate plan that includes all of Club MacStories, Club MacStories+, and the new extended, ad-free AppStories+ podcast in a single, $12/month package.


Calliope is a fully responsive, modern web app, so for the first time you’ll be able to properly read MacStories Weekly and the Monthly Log in a web browser.


This is one of the major changes enabled by Calliope: each article exists both as part of a bigger entity – the newsletter – as well as on its own, with its own unique URL. This means each article can be linked and shared with other people on the Internet.

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