Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Additional Banking Information in App Store Connect


Due to changes in local regulations, the bank account holder’s address is now required if you have bank account information in App Store Connect. Account Holders, Admins, and Finance roles can now provide a valid address in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section. Please provide this information by October 22, 2021, in order to avoid a potential interruption of your payments.

I’ve seen reports that the site is unreliable at saving, although it worked fine for me. However, it is not obvious that in order to edit the info you need to click on the Paid Apps agreement, which just looks like regular black text with no underline or button border.

Update (2021-09-08): Jesse Squires:

wow. this took me ~30 minutes to figure out.

click on the thing that totally looks like a clickable link/button.

Craig Hockenberry:

So many people are having problems with the new Banking Information requirements in App Store Connect.

Here is what you need to do[…]

Fredrik Björeman:

Also, don’t have exotic characters like å, ä, and ö in your address info, you dirty you. You get this super clear validation error and have to replace the characters. Then, somehow, after the save goes through, those characters get normalized and saved.

Jordi Bruin:

Did you also get the reminder emails today even though you filled everything in correctly? I don’t understand why there is no deeplink from the alert on the front page directly to the banking page 🤷🏻‍♂️


Thomas Alvarez:

I got 2 emails today after I entered the address a week or two ago. So I contacted their finance team. Hopefully they’ll be as annoyed as I was when I got the emails and freaked out and spent 15 minutes on AppStoreConnect this morning.

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Kevin Schumacher

Well, you see, Michael, as someone who merely makes apps and doesn't run a trillion-dollar corporation, you might not understand that adding an underline, or button border, or anything else to that text would absolutely torpedo the je ne sais quoi of that page's flow.


I'm also curious what these "changes in local regulations" are, because I've been contacted by exactly zero companies that at times issue me payments via direct deposit to provide address information.

@Kevin Yes, I’ve not been contacted by any other companies about this, either.

Graham Dawson

They say due to "changes in local regulations" but don't say where exactly - so perhaps there are changes only in one particular country, but they chose to apply the requirement everywhere anyway, for the sake of uniformity.

The site being unreliable in saving though, is somewhat farcical. When I contacted tech support about it, I was told to "make sure and use the newest version of Safari, and submit your address up to 4 times consecutively". In the end I fixed it by making the change via "Paid Apps" rather than via the "Banking" tab on the site.

Beatrix Willius

Should I have gotten an email about this? They already have my address so why did I need to enter my address again???

This “Local regulations” thing is pure bullshit.

Saving the address may take pressing the save button some 3 or 4 times until the change is accepted. This has been reported before (I think a couple years ago) and still not fixed.

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