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Monday, August 23, 2021

QuickTime Player Creates .mov Files


Every time I do a screen recording, I have to go trough the hassle of converting the video to MP4 on my Apple computer.

Even my iPhone can export to MP4 so I there is no reason for it not to work on my computer.

In my experience, at least, recent versions of QuickTime Player name the file with .mov but use the H.264 format, so you can just rename the file with .mp4 without having to re-encode it. But the .mov default creates all manner of problems for people who don’t know this, e.g. when using apps and Web sites that require MP4 files and only know how to look at the filename.

Apple Settles With Corellium, Then Appeals

Reed Albergotti:

Apple has dropped its lawsuit against Corellium, which was scheduled to go to trial and was being closely watched by a security industry that feared it would have a chilling effect on research tools used to make software safer.

Sami Fathi:

Citing court documents, The Washington Post reports that Apple and Corellium have agreed on a confidential settlement to bring the lawsuit to an end. Despite Apple’s grievances with Corellium, however, the settlement does not include Corellium suspending the sale and distribution of tools used by security researchers.

Josh Centers:

Right after Corellium defending Apple’s photo scanning 🤔

Joanna Stern and Tim Higgins:

Mr. Federighi pointed to another benefit of placing the matching process on the phone directly. “Because it’s on the [phone], security researchers are constantly able to introspect what’s happening in Apple’s [phone] software,” he said. “So if any changes were made that were to expand the scope of this in some way — in a way that we had committed to not doing — there’s verifiability, they can spot that that’s happening.”

Patrick Howell O’Neill (tweet, MacRumors):

On Monday, Corellium announced a $15,000 grant for a program it is specifically promoting as a way to look at iPhones under a microscope and hold Apple accountable. On Tuesday, Apple filed an appeal continuing the lawsuit.

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Corellium’s chief operating officer, Matt Tait, said that Federighi’s comments do not match reality.

Joseph Menn (via MacRumors):

The appeal came as a surprise because Apple had just settled other claims with Corellium relating to the Digitial Milennium Copyright Act, avoiding a trial.

Experts said they were also surprised that Apple revived a fight against a major research tool provider just after arguing that researchers would provide a check on its controversial plan to scan customer devices.