Monday, March 1, 2021

Downcast 2.9.61

George Cox:

This update contains a big improvement in Downcast’s macOS app that reduces the chances of running into the dreaded ‘inaccessible resource’ issue. Per Apple’s suggestion, Downcast stores security-scoped bookmarks for file system resources rather than absolute paths. Bookmarks are a more robust way to keep track of the content Downcast downloads like artwork, episode media files, etc. However, these bookmarks can become stale or invalid for a variety of reasons. When this happens, it’s usually possible for the app to automatically refresh the bookmark and continue operating without issue. Unfortunately, Downcast wasn’t handling a specific recoverable condition correctly prior to this build and that led to users experiencing this frustrating ‘inaccessible resource’ issue when they shouldn’t have.

Great news, but apps shouldn’t have to deal with this. Security-scoped bookmarks have been around since macOS 10.7. Why do they continue to break for seemingly no reason?

See also: Peter Steinberger.


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Beatrix Willius

I never understood the reason for SSBs. They are just links to files and not the files themselves. Why do links need a special (and crappy) treatment?

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