Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandboxing Sandvox

Mike Abdullah:

At first glance, Sandvox seems a pretty good fit for the sandbox. It’s document-based and doesn’t have too deep a hook into the OS’s configuration. But as ever in programming, we did run into a few of those pesky edge cases.

A lot of the work involved sandboxing the iMedia framework, a cool open-source attempt to provide the iLife SDK that Apple never did. However, once Karelia developers found the media files they ran into problems storing references to them:

There is a nasty bug with security-scoped bookmarks though. Generating one requires write access to the target file (rdar://problem/11929296). For files from the media browser, for example, Sandvox only has read access, and so creating the bookmark fails.

This bug has been known for a really long time. It’s a shame that Apple hasn’t fixed it yet.

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