Friday, December 4, 2020

Family Sharing for Subscriptions and IAPs


You can now enable Family Sharing for auto-renewable subscriptions and non-consumable in-app purchases, allowing users to share their purchases with up to five family members. Family Sharing provides a streamlined, convenient user experience and can help you attract subscribers, encourage paid subscriptions, increase user engagement, and improve retention.

Juli Clover:

In the App Store settings under “Subscriptions,” there’s a “Share New Subscriptions” setting that appears to be enabled automatically, allowing subscription apps to be shared among family members. The new option is available on the current release version of iOS, iOS 14.2.


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Hey awesome, I was really sad when I found out IAP didn’t already work this way because my newest app is one that I’d expect parents to install on their own and their child’s device (it’s a music practice thing), so it was a real pain when I realised that premium mode didn’t carry over.

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