Friday, December 4, 2020

BlueMail Antitrust Case Against Apple Dismissed

Hartley Charlton:

Blix Inc., developer of the email app BlueMail, then filed a lawsuit accusing Apple of manipulating search results in its iOS and macOS App Stores to suppress third-party competition and push consumers towards Apple’s own apps. Blix also alleged that Apple copied patented messaging technology for its “Sign In With Apple” feature before removing BlueMail from the App Store.

Judge Leonard P. Stark of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware dismissed the claims, concluding Blix had failed to offer direct or indirect evidence of Apple’s monopoly power or anticompetitive conduct in violation of the Sherman Act.


Judge Stark said Blix’s anticompetitive-conduct claims failed because the company itself demonstrated that the App Store isn’t essential to BlueMail’s success.


Update (2021-07-14): Juli Clover:

Apple asked the judge to toss out the case, and the motion was granted, with the case being dismissed a second time on Friday. In a statement, Apple said that Blix had “alleged false conspiracy theories and anti-competitive claims,” and that the judge’s decision confirms that Apple has “consistently acted legally.”

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