Friday, October 2, 2020

Another Developer Account Nearly Terminated

Liu Qia (via Ying Zhong):

There are currently 8 apps. Among which the “RedLine” (aka 红线) is from January 2019 to the present, there are more than 280k users, and they have been featured by AppStore Today many times, as well as by multiple media.


For more than a year, my apps’ reviews and account status are all very good. Until two weeks ago, I submitted a newly developed app called “One Aim”. This is a simple, clean, single-function app. Like my other works, I did it myself from design to development.

On the evening after submission [of 1.0.1], the app changed status to “in review”. Two days later, the review was rejected, and a notice was received saying that the review needs to be extended, and no details were given.

By the morning of September 23, I received a notice saying that my developer account or other accounts associated with the account were fraudulent, and decided to terminate it.

He appealed but was never told the reason, so soon the “investigation was over and the termination was confirmed.”

After going public with the story:

I received a call from the Apple review team on the morning of October 2nd, telling me that my developer account will not be terminated. After I clearly stated that I have not violated the Apple Developer Guidelines, she hopes to continue developing and submitting apps in compliance with the guidelines in the future, and sent me the reason for rejection of the app which caused this incident, and told me to resubmit it for review after modification.


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Another clear reminder from Apple that running to the press is the best approach when dealing with app review.

Anonymous Mac Developer

The very first submission to the Mac App Store I made was an application that used Screen Recording. Because it also takes over the behavior of a modifier key globally, it has a haxie quality to it. So my feeling was that this likely won’t pass review and I will have to sell it outside the store.

It came to me as a surprise that the only issue Apple’s review team had was for me to explain why I was using the Screen Recording feature and to quote specific portions of my privacy policy pertaining to it.

It was clear to me that nobody looked at my submission in detail, as the requested info could easily be gathered by launching the application at least once.

The application was accepted and I’m cherishing every day that it’s up in the store as I’m clearly also violating Apple’s trademark in the face of other news where a pear can be an infringement on the Apple logo.

So, firstly, I’m feeling lucky for now and, secondly, waved through by the review team without much scrutiny.

Tony Edgecombe

This stuff is why I won't develop products for Apple products even though I really like the platform. Microsoft has it's faults but the developer experience is pretty good.

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