Thursday, September 24, 2020

Apple Explains Benefits of the App Store

Ben Lovejoy:

Apple is today responding to increasing antitrust pressure with an App Store PR blitz. This includes a complete revamp of its main App Store page, a new page promoting the benefits of the App Store to developers, new messaging, and a new program for developers of streaming video apps.

John Voorhees:

Apple has published new online resources about the App Store and its developer program. The new webpages cover a wide range of topics related to the App Store and developing for it, and include several new facts and insights about the Store.


There are 28 million members in the development program from 227 regions


In 2020 over 250 million user reviews were removed for not meeting integrity standards

Hartley Charlton:

Apple boasts that every week over 100,000 apps or updates are submitted and reviewed by an App Review team, which now consists of over 500 experts from around the world.

Jeff Johnson:

That’s 12 minutes per app if 500 “experts” (LOL) spend every minute of a 40 hour work week on reviews, which surely they don’t.


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"That’s 12 minutes per app"

I've had my app go from "In Review" to "Approved" in under 4 minutes. I'm not sure you could read my release notes that fast.

This Apple PR blitz is about as tone deaf as Bill Gates back in the day... before the anti-trust hammer fell on Microsoft anyway.

They all know it's coming. And I'm with Jeff, LOL at these "experts" spending more time "curating speech" than on outright fraud.

Apple really needs to pick one: fraud or speech. They can't police both.

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