Friday, August 7, 2020

Google Pixel 4a vs. iPhone SE

Dieter Bohn:

Whether the Pixel 4A will make a better case than those upcoming phones remains to be seen. But I will tell you that after a couple of weeks, I prefer it over the much more powerful $800 Pixel 4.

That’s quite a thing to say because I should remind you that the Pixel 4A costs $349.


So let’s just get right into the Pixel 4A’s best feature: photos. I am happy to report that after dozens of test shots, the Pixel 4A matches the Pixel 4’s quality.


The Pixel 4A has a one-size-fits-all 5.8-inch display. Google is using a hole-punch for the first time, which allows the screen to go closer to the edges. The bezels are still bigger than what you’ll get on a flagship, but they’re smaller than many phones at this price point.

It’s $100 cheaper than the iPhone SE with the same amount of storage, but it has a much slower processor.

Juli Clover:

iPhone SE photos feature a more natural color palette while the Pixel 4a’s photos are cooler in tone, but the Pixel 4a images are sharper and crisper, even when lighting is poor. Google gave the Pixel 4a Night Sight, but Apple’s iPhone SE doesn’t support the Night Mode feature available in more expensive iPhones.

John Gruber:

At this price, with this quality, the Pixel 4A seemingly deserves a major marketing campaign that I don’t think it’s going to get.


Update (2020-08-10): Matt Birchler:

But I think the iPhone SE is still a better deal, especially for people who want to buy a cheapphone and have it last for years.

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