Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Steve Wozniak Sues YouTube Over Bitcoin Scams

Monica Chin:

According to the lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of the State of California, crooks have been posting videos on the platform claiming that Wozniak is hosting a bitcoin promotion. They convince users that if they send bitcoin to a provided address, “Wozniak” will return double the amount.


The plaintiffs, which include Wozniak and 17 other individuals, allege that YouTube is aware of these scams but has nonetheless not taken the videos down.

Via John Gruber:

They won’t stop these scams, but if you upload a video with a copyrighted song they’ll have it down in about a minute.

Quinn Nelson:

YouTube’s copyright system is so broken and so stupid. It has no respect for Fair Use and permits ludicrous claims from alleged copyright holders without punishment for abuse. It discourages creators from attempting to create transformative and educational art from prior works.


I get why YouTube has to create a copyright system; however, real DMCA claims require that they be done in good faith under penalty of perjury. YouTube’s system has ZERO punishment for false claims and only serves to benefit YouTube itself and huge media conglomerates.

Christina Warren:

I’ve had people try to claim copyright on Microsoft videos on Microsoft’s YouTube channel as their own — people who are in no way connected to Microsoft. And then I’ve had to FIGHT YouTube to get the claims of people that literally ripped my channels videos dismissed.


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