Monday, July 27, 2020

64-bit ScanSnap Manager for Older Scanners

Dave Kitabjian:

Fujitsu announced it wouldn’t support Catalina well over a year ago, and many ScanSnap owners have already gone through the Five Stages of Grief and resolved to buy either a new scanner or one of the third-party software solutions I previously mentioned. In all likelihood, many have already done so.

One possible explanation is that the series of TidBITS articles on this topic and those from elsewhere on the Web may have resulted in enough negative press to get Fujitsu’s attention.

But another factor may have weighed more heavily in the decision. Lots of people have been complaining about ScanSnap Home, the 64-bit software that replaced ScanSnap Manager. Complaints center around its lack of features in comparison to the older ScanSnap Manager. Fujitsu has been saying that it would gradually update ScanSnap Home with the features that people missed from ScanSnap Manager. Perhaps that effort was later determined to be greater than just porting ScanSnap Manager to 64-bit.


Interestingly, a TidBITS reader found that ScanSnap Manager V7 worked with his older ScanSnap S300M though it’s not listed as being compatible. So it’s worth giving the new ScanSnap Manager a try even if your older ScanSnap scanner isn’t explicitly included in the compatibility list.

See also: ExactScan Might Be the ScanSnap Replacement You Need.


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I’ve already moved on to ExactScan because my S1500M is not supported by ScanSnap Home in Mojave. In many ways it is superior, e.g. having the ability to imprint a date stamp on the document, although the page rotation detection sometimes fails.

My next document scanner will be a Canon. The new ScanSnap iX1500 is such a regression over the iX500 old-new-stock of the latter sell for a significantly higher price than its putative replacement, or the iX500’s original list price.

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