Wednesday, November 14, 2018

ScanSnap Cloud Licensing

Bill Bumgarner:

Hey, @fujiamerica, your ScanSnap cloud licensing is awful and makes me want to switch products. My computer crashed. To use my ix500, I have to download an app to deregister the scanner to turn off the dammed cloud features that I WILL NEVER USE. User Abusive is not good.

Bill Bumgarner:

Worse, @fujiamerica, I can’t unregister the stupid scanner without first setting up a stupid cloud storage service. Which I had to register for, because you don’t support one I already have. JUST TO TURN OFF A SERVICE THAT I DO NOT WANT SO I CAN USE THE BLOODY SCANNER. Sucks.

Bill Bumgarner:

This page, @FujitsuAmerica, is a total lie. My account has 0/5 devices and I CANNOT USE MY DAMMED SCANNER. Beyond frustrated. About to toss this and buy a competitor’s product.

This is disappointing because I’m currently using an older ScanSnap, but its more customer-friendly software is 32-bit only and unlikely to be updated.

Previously: macOS 10.13.4 to Warn About 32-bit Apps Starting April 12, ScanSnap and Sierra Update.

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Check out Vuescan which is a 3rd party driver for many scanners.

I'm in the same boat (S1300, using the old ScanSnap Manager software (which rumour is still works in Mojave though I haven't checked it out)) and not looking forward to leaving it behind.

It's a shame because I really liked the ScanSnap scanner, but I think it's time to admit that Fujitsu is sufficiently user-hostile that there is no point in buying a replacement from them when the time comes. I'd be interested to hear of any alternatives.

Ha, same here exactly - have an old ScanSnap, LOVE IT, but Mojave says I have to update the software soon. I am nervous about this when I see all this bad news.

I've got an ix500 which is (currently) working under Mojave, but this news is deeply worrying. It's been a great scanner so far.

This is definitely a bad direction for Fujitsu.

I haven't used VueScan for years (since I switched to the Fujitsu scanners), but it was a great product when working with my old HP scanners.

Vlad Ghitulescu

It looks like VueScan doesn't support the S1300 :-(

[…] to replace hardware that’s still working perfectly, especially when I have doubts about the new software, so I’ll probably set up my old MacBook Pro that can’t run Mojave to use it with the […]

Late to the party, but I wanted to second Vuescan if your scanner is supported. It's not the fanciest interface but it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows, and supports a boatload of scanners.

This program sucks. It doesn't scan until i reboot my computer every time.

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