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macOS 10.15.6 Bug Causes Crashes With Virtualization

Hartley Charlton (tweet):

Users of virtualization software have reported that macOS 10.15.6 crashes repeatedly when running virtual machines.

A regression in the App Sandbox component of macOS 10.15.6 is reportedly leaking kernel memory, causing macOS to crash. The purpose of an App Sandbox is to provide protection to system resources and limit an app’s access to resources, such as memory.

VMware engineers have today diagnosed the issue and filed a “comprehensive” report with Apple, including a minimal reproduction case which should allow them to easily identify and address the issue.

It apparently also affects VMware on Big Sur, but not Parallels.

Jeff Johnson:

This is the problem with Apple now. Not the major updates, which were always buggy, but the minor updates. There’s never a “stable” version anymore. Not even 9 months later. “Bug fix” updates are just as likely to introduce new bugs.



The "stable" version is to stay on 10.14. There you only get security updates. If you're on 10.15, you can't install security updates without installing the whole 10.15.x+1.

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