Monday, June 22, 2020

CustomShortcuts 1.0

Houdah Software:

Use CustomShortcuts to add keyboard shortcuts to menu items in most Mac applications.

  • Assign custom keyboard shortcuts to Mac menu items
  • Auto-completion helps you navigate menu hierarchies
  • It makes sure you get menu titles exactly right
  • CustomShortcuts checks for ambiguous menu items
  • Copy & paste shortcuts between applications

Most Mac applications support user-defined keyboard shortcuts. CustomShortcuts makes it easy to add your own shortcuts.

A great little free app that gets around some of the difficulties and bugs doing this via System Preferences.

Unfortunately, the Mojave privacy protections add some friction to the first-launch experience. You have to restart the app multiple times after granting it Full Disk Access (to see which apps have custom shortcuts configured) and Accessibility access (so it can auto-complete the menu item titles).


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