Friday, June 19, 2020

Looking Back at WWDC 1990

Brendan Shanks:

On May 7-11, 1990, Apple Computer held the second-ever [or fourth?] Worldwide Developers Conference at the (then-new) San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA. A newsgroup post indicates that the attendance fee was $195 per day, and hotels were available for $56-135 a night.

For some historical context, Macintosh System 7 was introduced a year earlier at the 1989 WWDC, and would be publicly released a year later in May 1991. It was a major focus of the conference.


This video is peak weird-90s-Apple. Just watch it.


The conference disc was Volume 3 1/2 of Apple’s then-new Developer CD series, and included the slides of all presentations as well as two HyperCard stacks: one serving as an overall catalog/launcher of the presentations, and another holding a full directory of all 2154 attendees.

Phil Schiller was a presenter, and there were multiple sessions on the Apple IIGS.


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Haha, weird. What a great find. I wonder how many developers from 1990 are still around making software for Mac/iOS? Other than the megacorps like Microsoft and Adobe. Bare Bones Software comes close.

@Ben I linked some of them here.

Fetch, BBEdit, Interarchy, and GraphicConverter are four 90s apps I still use.

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