Friday, June 19, 2020

SummerFest 2020 for Indie Mac Apps


Many of us need to reimagine our workplaces and our workflow. We have kids to raise, degrees to pursue, new jobs to find.

Summer is the time for new plans and fresh projects and great new ideas. Whether you’re mapping out your next novel, finishing your dissertation, planning a product, or writing memories for your grandkids, these great tools will help.

As is our custom in this season, we’re hosting a gathering of software artisans who are working to transform research and writing for a new era. We’ve all finished our latest updates, we’re working together to save you lots of money.

Here’s your chance to get SpamSieve, Take Control books, and other cool apps like TextExpander and Timing at a discount.

See also: The Back on Track collection of Mac apps.

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