Monday, May 25, 2020

unc0ver Jailbreak Tool for iOS 13.5

Frank McShan (Hacker News):

The team behind the “unc0ver” jailbreaking tool for iOS has released version 5.0.0 of its software that claims to have the ability to jailbreak “every signed iOS version on every device” using a zero-day kernel vulnerability by Pwn20wnd, a renowned iOS hacker.


As for security, unc0ver’s website says it utilizes “native system sandbox exceptions” so that “security remains intact while enabling access to jailbreak files.”


Update (2020-07-09): Brandon Azad (tweet, Hacker News):

At 3 PM PDT on May 23, 2020, the unc0ver jailbreak was released for iOS 13.5 (the latest signed version at the time of release) using a zero-day vulnerability and heavy obfuscation. By 7 PM, I had identified the vulnerability and informed Apple. By 1 AM, I had sent Apple a POC and my analysis. This post takes you along that journey.

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