Monday, May 18, 2020

What’s New in Swift 5.3

Tibor Bödecs:

SE-0279 [multiple trailing closures] is one of the most debated new proposal.


Enum types don’t have to explicitly implement the Comparable protocol thanks to SE-0266.


SE-0269 aka. Increase availability of implicit self in @escaping closures when reference cycles are unlikely to occur is a nice addition for those who don’t like to write self. 🧐


SE-0270 adds a RangeSet type for representing multiple, noncontiguous ranges, as well as a variety of collection operations for creating and working with range sets.


SE-0263 adds a new String initializer that allows you to work with an uninitialized buffer.

See also: Paul Hudson.

Ted Kremenek:

The new APIs in SE-0270 (RangeSet) are going to bake a bit longer and likely won’t be part of Swift 5.3. They are still in the Standard Library preview package.

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