Friday, January 24, 2020

On the Road to Swift 6

Ted Kremenek:

There are major investments currently underway to improve the core developer experience, such as:

  • Faster builds

  • More informative and accurate diagnostics

  • Responsive code completion

  • Reliable and fluid debugging experience

And many others.

These are crucial endeavors, and they represent most engineering work that is happening in the project right now. They will remain an area of focus until these are nothing short of excellent.


[There] are three language areas which are particularly important to focus on:

  • Round out capabilities in the language that support building expressive and elegant APIs such as variadic generics and DSL capabilities like function builders

  • Refine Swift’s implementation and capabilities to allow it to be used for low-level systems programming (or in constrained environments) and in important domains like services and machine learning

  • Provide excellent solutions for major language features such as memory ownership and concurrency


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"Simply put, developers should be both highly productive and experience joy when programming in Swift."

Wouldn't reducing the 30% cut on the (Mac) App Store bring joy more easily and quickly to developers when programming in Swift (or any other language)?

I wish they would just fix all the bugs. I run daily into language bugs en compiler crashes. In 20 years, I never used a toolchain that was so buggy :(

@A Yeah, the fact that he didn’t mention fixing the compiler bugs makes me wonder if they think this is no longer a problem.

I’d rather have Obj-C 3 with a few cherry picked things (defer, a better block syntax, etc.) than Swift 6. Every time I use Swift I end up with more problems than solutions.

@Hammer I am wondering the same. To me Swift is really looking like C++, complex and bloated. Along with Xcode is like a bloody pile of mess.

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