Friday, January 24, 2020

Setting Up Gitweb on Shared Hosting

Jordan Rose (tweet):

I did get a few recommendations for other places to host Git repositories, but—at least partly inspired by Tom Ryder’s “Why Not GitHub?”—I decided to take the plunge and set up my own hosting.


According to the Git Book, you’re supposed to grab the latest sources and generate a custom version of the script yourself. What they don’t mention is that pretty much everything you’d customize by generating it yourself is already customizable with a config file.


The idea to use a RewriteRule is adapted from the gitweb man page, but I’ve made one important change: paths that resolve to real directories are still sent to gitweb.cgi.


Basically, git doesn’t normally keep around info for clones to work over plain HTTP, but we can generate it up front whenever there’s a push. We use a post-update hook for that.


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Would make more sense just to install GitLab, which does everything for you (and is free too).

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