Friday, January 24, 2020

Federico’s Must-Have iOS Apps

Federico Viticci:

Two themes emerged over the second half of 2019, though. First, thanks to various improvements in iOS and iPadOS 13, I increased my reliance on “first-party” Apple apps: I embraced the new Reminders app and its exclusive features, stopped using third-party note-taking apps and moved everything to Notes, and switched back to Apple Mail as my default email client. I’ve written about the idea of comfort in the Apple ecosystem before, and I’ve seen that concept work its way into my app preferences more and more over the course of 2019.


Following changes to running shortcuts from the Home screen in iOS 13, I realized how much I was going to benefit from the ability to execute commands with the tap of an icon, so I decided to mix and match apps and shortcuts on my Home screens to maximize efficiency.


This entire story features a collection of the 50 apps I consider my must-haves on the iPhone and iPad, organized in seven categories; whenever possible, I included links to original reviews and past coverage on MacStories.

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I think Federico is great and there's been a lot of interesting stuff about swapping a Mac for an iPad workflow but his purchases of a Mac Mini 2018 and now the new 16" MacBook Pro suggests he isn't as reliant on the iPad as I initially believed.

I was naively hopeful that the 2010 iPad would herald a tablet based workflow for my photography but in reality I had to do most photo edits and transmission from a MacBook Air.

The new iPad OS offers hope but if even someone like Federico is buying a Mac laptop in 2019, it seems that going full in on iPad is a way off for most professionals.

I‘ve noticed that most of not all of the iPad first or iPad only folks can only get things done because they’ve got a Mac somewhere doing the heavy lifting for them.

Looks like a great list of apps, but I can't figure out why anybody is recommending Overcast these days. It's become so buggy in the past few months (for one, searching for individual episodes within a podcast doesn't work most of the time), and Marco no longer answers bug reports / support -- I thought it was just me, but several other recent reviews in the app store talk about the same issues. I switched to Pocket Casts and I like it much better. Plus the search works, which is kinda critical for a podcast app.

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