Thursday, January 2, 2020

MacInTouch Switches to WordPress

Ric Ford:

I have now migrated MacInTouch to a new publishing platform (which hasn’t been at all easy…).

Now it supports permalinks. I wonder what the plan is for the forum.

John Gordon:

It’s not documented, but there’s a feed now; here’s what I see when adding to Feedbin[…]


Update (2020-01-24): Ric Ford:

Now the time has finally come to make one change, which is to phase out MacInTouch-hosted discussion forums (FAQ). As unique as our approach has been, and as much as I enjoy productive discussion, there are other alternatives to something I can no longer personally sustain. Specifically, TidBITS Talk looks like a reasonable alternative from folks with a similar history and philosophy, plus a team of people to run the forum.

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