Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Apple’s New Map: Final Parts of the 50 States

Juli Clover:

Apple has made good on that promise with the rollout of the new mapping terrain to large swathes of the United States, and the updated Maps are now available across most of the country. It could still take some time for all users in the Central and Southeastern areas of the U.S. to see the new content.

Apple plans to bring the new Maps app to additional countries in 2020.

Justin O’Beirne:

This latest expansion is Apple’s largest yet, and it’s almost twice as large as the expansion before—suggesting that Apple’s rollout is accelerating[…]


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It would be nice if they upgraded their aerial imagery of Seattle. They still show our recently demolished waterfront viaduct. At the same time, they don't show most of the many new buildings in the Denny Triangle area.

Flipping between the satellite and map view in 3D mode shows the disparities, though I think the map view might be missing a new skyscraper.

The latest expansion actually isn't live for most Apple Maps users.

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