Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Apple’s New Map Expands to Northeast U.S.

Justin O’Beirne:

This is the fifth time that Apple has expanded its new map since its public launch in September 2018[…]

In June 2019, Apple announced that its new map would cover “the entire U.S. by the end of 2019”[…]

With this latest expansion, Apple’s new map now covers 27.5% of the U.S.’s land area...and almost half of its population (47.2%)[…]

It definitely looks much improved in my area, though I still find Google Maps to be better.


Update (2019-10-04): See also: Hacker News, Andrew J. Hawkins.

Update (2019-10-11): Michael Love:

New Apple Maps data is out for New England and the 3D visualization tool is a really interesting way to visualize how towns are developed. For example, here’s the dividing line between Norwalk on the left and Westport on the right[…]

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The new map finally stopped labeling my driveway as an extension of the nearby public road. I first reported the error 6 years ago when strange cars started coming down my driveway, and again 4 years ago. But the new map now makes the same mistake with a private driveway on a nearby road, completely omitting about half a mile of the nearby road even though it clearly shows in the satellite view.

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