Tuesday, March 27, 2018

MacInTouch Note to Readers

Ric Ford:

The revenue that used to sustain MacInTouch has dropped below a viable business minimum, while a plethora of other websites, operating under different business and security models, produces constant Apple news, reviews and commentary.

The MacInTouch Discussions forum is unique, as far as I know, but it’s also unsustainably labor-intensive, and there’s no way around that in its current incarnation.

At this point, my plan is to continue running MacInTouch Discussions and home/news pages at a reduced intensity for a little longer. But, before long, it will be time for a change - a sabbatical, a new blog, research, development, or something else – I’m not quite sure what yet, but I expect macintouch.com to continue in some form.

John Gordon:

Ric passed on RSS and blogs and feeds and permalinks. For a year or two he tried to get permalinks working — which made Macintouch potentially tweetable. Recently those went away, so I wasn’t surprised by today’s announcement …

The site has often been frustrating for technical reasons like this, but it’s long been a unique and valuable resource. My thanks to Ford for all of his work, and I hope that he’s able to find a way to continue.

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I have fond memories of MacInTouch as being the first Mac news site that I followed with regularity. I used to reload it so often that it became a built-in muscle habit to type “macintouch” into an empty location field when opening a browser window first thing in the morning after making coffee. I still remember my pride and excitement, after publicly releasing my first Mac app back in 1998, in seeing my press release summarized on MacInTouch the following day.

I also remember checking MacInTouch daily for many years. It was an amazing resource in its prime. I think I fell off when I transitioned to using RSS and it didn’t.

All the talk of software quality reminds me that I never used to update my system before waiting to read the experiences of the MacInTouch community. System updates were far more risky, and bugs were frequently more disastrous back then.

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