Thursday, December 19, 2019

What’s New in Vapor 4

Tanner (tweet):

Vapor 4’s new dependency injection API is now based on Swift extensions rather than type names. This makes services offered by third party packages - and Vapor itself! - more discoverable and feel more Swift-native.


Vapor 4 upgrades to SwiftNIO 2.0. This release includes tons of great quality of life improvements, performance enhancements, and awesome features like vendored BoringSSL and pure Swift HTTP/2 implementation.


Vapor joined forces with Apple to help define common standards for core functionality like Logging and Metrics.


Fluent 4’s model API has been redesigned to take advantage of property wrappers in Swift 5.1. Property wrappers give Fluent much more control over how models work internally, which has been key to enabling long-requested features like a concise API for eager loading.


Vapor 4 includes a new testing framework that makes it easier to test your application using XCTest.


Update (2020-02-04): Felix Schwarz:

Vapor Cloud will be shutting down on February 29th.


We are sad to announce that Vapor Red will be shutting down on February 29th.

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