Tuesday, December 17, 2019

IBM Stops Funding Kitura

tomerd (via Benjamin Mayo, Hacker News):

@IanPartridge and @Chris_Bailey let the group know that following a review by IBM of its open source priorities, it has been decided that they will not be continuing to work on Swift in 2020. As a result, they are both standing down from the workgroup.

Daniel Sinclair:

Could see this one coming. IBM is winding down support for Kitura and server-side Swift. Was excited about this prospect, & the momentum — great people behind in too — but Apple never really supported open frameworks like they needed to for Swift on Linux

IIRC, Apple had monetarily incentivized IBM’s open-source focus on Swift. I don’t know when that ended, but I think you can look at IBM winding down Kitura as Apple ending support for server-side Swift too.

Vapor seems to have more traction, anyway.


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As "Daniel Sinclair" was not even really aware that Swift NIO exists and was supported by Apple (see following tweets in the discussion), I don't think is comment is very informative.

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