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The Opportunity of Swift on the Server

Stephan Knitelius (via Chris Lattner):

Java and other languages that compile to Java byte code run on the JVM. In a world of Docker containers the JVM is just yet another layer eating up resources. The claim “write once run any where” is just as true for a Swift applications packaged into a Docker container as for a Java Application running on top of a JVM.

Running an application in JVM, that is running in a Docker container, that is running on a virtual host seems rather ludicrous. Swift compiling to native machine code, has the advantage of a rather small memory footprint. When running hundreds or thousands of instances, as many tech companies do, even saving a couple of MB on memory footprint generates real business incentive.


Also garbage collection comes at a high cost. Employing concurrent mark and sweep algorithms, it still requires more memory and CPU cycles then immediately assigning and releasing memory as needed.


"Swift has been around since 2014 and has become the primary language for IOS and OS X development"

OS X development? In which alternate reality?

Looking at the benchmark used in the article, it's interesting to see that Go — a garbage-collected language — is slightly better than Swift on performance and memory usage. Certainly the JVM is a staple in the server space, but for Swift fans to make headway on servers, I think they'll have to present themselves as a better alternative to Go instead of the JVM.

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