Friday, December 13, 2019

Google Achieves Its Goal of Erasing the WWW Subdomain From Chrome

Lawrence Abrams (Hacker News):

With the release of Chrome 79, Google completes its goal of erasing www from the browser by no longer allowing Chrome users to automatically show the www trivial subdomain in the address bar.


Many users, though, felt that this was a security issue, could be confusing for users, and is technically incorrect because is not always the same host as


Update (2019-12-16): Tanner Bennett:

This seems like their most controversial change since they tried to pull that stuff with adblockers not too long ago.

“” displays as “”.

Completely wrong.

A. Lee Bennett Jr.:

I have literally seen corporate web sites that only worked if www. was in front. It 503’d if the subdomain was missing.

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Definitely not a fan of this approach.

Not a fan as well. I do not appreciate obfuscation of web urls.

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