Friday, October 17, 2014

Yosemite Observations

Trying not to repeat the work of the reviewers, here is a running list of my personal observations after using pre-release versions all summer but only updating my main Mac this morning:

Update (2014-10-18):

Update (2014-10-19):

Update (2014-10-20):

Update (2014-10-21):

Update (2014-10-22):

Update (2014-10-23):

Update (2014-10-31):

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You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the Zoom command in the Window menu, which I've done for several years (I use Control-Command-Z). The only weird thing I ever noticed was the Zoom button in Safari getting 'stuck' (highlighted) when you trigger it, which I just heard from Apple is supposedly fixed in Yosemite - gotta try it.

Of course, I use Moom as well - it's wonderful.

CrashPlan is now updated, BTW.

@Nicholas I use Control-Command-Z for Moom and haven’t felt the need for a second shortcut. Nothing wrong with assigning Zoom a keyboard shortcut, though.

Thanks for the reminder on the Mail accounts shortcuts. I've been meaning to look at what I needed to do to bring them back.

Craig Marshall

Very helpful indeed: especially fixing the address shortcuts in mail.

Double-clicking most windows' title bar also works like pre-Yosemite zoom button. That somehow compensated full-screen-by-default behaviour for me.

On the other hand now many window title bars are relatively busy with controls, so I need to hunt for unused space sometimes.

"At a glance, indeterminate progress bars are too indistinct when in the background or using the Graphite appearance. It looks like the progress bar is stuck at 100%."

And they are buggy as far as I can tell.

My Mail flag icons disappeared in the same way. Repairing permissions restored the icons for me, so I hope that's all it takes.

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