Friday, October 17, 2014

Yosemite Reviews

Update (2014-10-19):

Update (2014-10-24):

Update (2014-10-25):

Update (2014-10-27):

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[…] not to repeat the work of the reviewers, here is a running list of my personal observations after using pre-release versions all summer but […]

Bryan Pietrzak

Given how unrelentingly negative you've been about Apple lately, I'm almost surprised you updated -or maybe you only updated a test machine?

I for one did not, and will not, turn on the Reduce Transparency effect. I find the effect pleasant.

@Bryan I updated my main Mac. I’ve found that it’s really the only way I can do proper testing and profiling. So far Yosemite has been running very smoothly for me.

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