Thursday, February 28, 2019

Safari’s Unified Address/Search Bar

Steve Troughton-Smith:

Safari’s unified address/search bar still infuriates me, years later. So many times a day I get incorrect autocompletes because it performs the wrong function, and not just once, but two or three times as I go to correct it. Hate this interaction so much

Eli Block:

Then you try to copy the URL and get the last search text you used 😂

James Thomson:

By default, I always type a space after something I want to search for, to stop Safari trying to guess what I actually want to do...

Gabe Salkin:

Worse yet is when it arbitrarily decides to parse a complete URL as a search query!


wait, so its not just me? I end up prefixing with a . or g because it either jumps my search term to a Siri suggestions website or decides the search term is a malformed web address and throws an error

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Funny, I find Safari’s unified search bar to be so much better than any other browser.

Safari's unified bar was never as good as OmniWeb's. Now THAT was a golden bar.

Oh and does it drive anybody else crazy when you try change the URL but if you do it too quickly it just reloads the same URL? INFURIATING.

I always have an issue where Safari seems to forget what my "Top Hit" is for various sites. For example, to get to this site I often just type "mj" and it comes up as my Top Hit. It will do these for several days in a row. Then suddenly it will completely forget. I'll type even "mjtsa" and still nothing comes up. Why? Who knows. I don't see this problem at all in other browsers -- for example, typing "mj" in Firefox always 100% gives me the URL to this site.

Safari is still a "mostly good enough, but not quite" browser. I still find it lacking in many ways, but I keep it as my primary browser because it's usually faster and more battery / RAM efficient than Chrome or Firefox.

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