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Xcode 11.2 and XIBs With UITextView

Juri Pakaste:

Xcode 11.2: NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException. Oh boy.

Nikita Zhuk:

Xcode 11.2 seems to cause havoc if you have XIBs which contain UITextViews. Beware!

Marcin Krzyzanowski:

This is really bad year for devtools at Apple

Peter Steinberger:

One more reason not to use Interface Builder.

Randy Reddig:

DEAD_CODE_STRIPPING = NO seems to fix it for the moment.


Update (2019-11-05): Thomas Ricouard:

Xcode 11.2 retail fail to decode UITextView from Xib/Storyboard on any iOS lower than iOS 13.2.

Marc Palmer:

PSA: do not submit builds with Xcode 11.2 or you will have huge numbers of crashes on iOS releases older than 13.2. We luckily just hit this in our CI rather than in production.

XcodeReleases (9To5Mac):

#Xcode11.2.1 GM Seed is out!


To be clear, the UITextView issue is fixed for iOS and tvOS. It’s still an issue on macOS.

Update (2019-11-07): Paul Haddad:

Cool, deprecate the current version without releasing the new version to the App Store…


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