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Decoding Old Nibs: a Sad Tale of Vendor Lock-in and Abandonment


I have over 200 NIBs of which most of them have EOInterface objects in them. The problem is, that they don’t open in the newer Interface Builders anymore.


If I redo 200 NIBs manually, I am spending a year on this alone.


[IBInspectable] doesn’t really work well for the kind of custom bindings EOInterface needs. It’s good, that you can put NSObject based instances into XIBs (again ?), but the kind of typed connection EOInterface has are not possible with IBOutlet alone (unless you expose every EOAssociation). But I can’t load the NIBs anyway, because the loader complains even with all classes present.


If only this was the sole issue with nib or xib…

Xcode 7 produces xib that can not be opened by Xcode 5.1 even if you set them in Xcode 7 to be compatible with Xcode 5.1.

And Apple has no plans to fix this according to the bug report feedback.

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