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Friday, August 2, 2019

Excluding From iCloud Drive

Ole Begemann:

Today I learned that if you put a folder named “Dropbox” in your iCloud Drive, iCloud refuses to upload it. It only says “Ineligible”.


I recall de compiling the iCloud Drive binary and seeing “Dropbox” string part of a blacklist.

malhal (via Tanner Bennett):

Here are all the file/folder names excluded[…]


Adding one empty file named .nosync to a folder will prevent that folder from syncing.

You can also use this as a file extension to specific files, but the folder treatment is quite useful.


Netflix vs. Blockbuster Total Access

modest proposal (via Dare Obasanjo):

Blockbuster couldn’t find a way to overcome Netflix head to head. But market research showed ability to combine rental by mail with in store was a game changer.


Total Access grabbed 1M subs in two months and was taking over 100% share. Netflix modeled that it was bankrupting Blockbuster


Hastings told Antioco he was spending the company into ruin and offered to buy Blockbuster Online subs. He later followed up with $200/sub offer. Antioco demurred, realizing he had Netflix on the ropes.


At Blockbusters Board meeting. Antioco suggested they turn down the offer. The Board agreed. Then turned to his comp. He had hit the targets set by the Comp Committee so expected perfunctory approval. Icahn exploded.


TL,DR: Antioco quits, and against all logic instead of hiring the COO, Icahn hires an ex 7-11 retail guy whose plan is to do everything that Blockbuster already tried and failed at. After he laid out his plan, the entire exec team sold most or all of their stock next open window! […] Not only did the Blockbuster execs sell all their stock, they bought Netflix stock!

Carl Icahn has also tried to tell Apple what to do, before he sold all his shares. The excerpts are from the book Netflixed.

Craig Bonthron:

Alternatively, a great podcast version of the history of Netflix here.

Update (2019-09-25): Minda Zetlin (via Hacker News):

In his new book That Will Never Work, Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph describes a meeting he attended with Antioco along with Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings and its then-CFO Barry McCarthy at Blockbuster headquarters in Dallas. Everyone from Blockbuster who was at that meeting must cringe when they think back on it now. The company could have bought Netflix that day for $50 million, but its CEO didn’t even bother to consider the possibility. He seemed to see it as a great big joke.

See also: The inside story of how Netflix transitioned to digital video after seeing the power of YouTube.

Notarization and Java Apps

Hendrik Schreiber:

For beaTunes things are a little different, as it uses Java as runtime. So far Oracle (or anybody else I know of) has not shipped a Java runtime that has been compiled against macOS SDK 10.9 or later and the hardened macOS runtime. Additionally, Oracle’s Java executables are not signed with suitable signature algorithms (see Bug JDK-8223671 for a detailed list of notarization failures). All these are requirements for notarization. There is no way for me to ship a notarized version of beaTunes before they are addressed and unless I want to roll my own version of Java (I don’t!!), I simply have to wait and hope that someone at Oracle will take pity on Mac devs.

It is increasingly difficult to be off the beaten path of using Apple’s preferred tools and frameworks.

Timo Perfitt:

“Uploading to Apple to Notarize” is the new “COMPILING!”


Update (2019-08-05): McCloud:

Handy reminder: Everything in your entire stack, up to and including your programming language’s runtime environment, is a liability.

Rosyna Keller:

Developers should make sure it’s their own Developer ID that signs libraries they ship inside their apps.

Also, OpenJDK 8 is rather old and new JDKs are properly built against macOS 10.9 or later.

George Adams:

We have enabled hardened runtime on our macOS binaries which will allow them to be bundled into applications and pass Apple’s Notarization tests. OpenJDK 11+ will work out of the box, OpenJDK8 needs a bit more work because it’s built on an older toolchain that the notarization test doesn’t support. We will be creating a second release of jdk-11.0.4+11 and jdk-12.0.2+10 which will have hardened runtime enabled.