Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Updated Hardened Runtime Documentation

Rosyna Keller:

The updated Hardened Runtime docs are out!

The overview includes more information on how to enable it in Xcode and explains that the hardened runtime is designed to stop certain classes of exploits.

If your app absolutely needs to have an exploit class remain available, use a specific, unrestricted hardened runtime entitlement.

Each entitlement doc now includes real-world examples of why you may need an exploit class to remain open and lists ways you can avoid doing so.

For example, the three unsigned memory entitlements go from green (implied, do this) to red (never do this)


I’m really, really proud of the🚦 docs as they were written based on direct feedback from third-party developers.

Jordan Pittman:

I find it rather interesting that the use of DVDPlayback.framework requires the “Allow Unsigned Executable Memory” entitlement.


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