Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Microsoft Edge for Mac Preview

Microsoft (Hacker News):

Microsoft Edge for macOS will offer the same new browsing experience that we’re previewing on Windows, with user experience optimizations to make it feel at home on a Mac. We are tailoring the overall look and feel to match what macOS users expect from apps on this platform.


Examples of this include a number of tweaks to match macOS conventions for fonts, menus, keyboard shortcuts, title casing, and other areas. You will continue to see the look and feel of the browser evolve in future releases as we continue to experiment, iterate and listen to customer feedback. We encourage you to share your feedback with us using the “Send feedback” smiley.

John Gruber:

I’m glad they put quotes around “Mac-like” because this is not very Mac-like. It looks and feels a lot like Google Chrome, which makes sense, because it’s a fork from Chromium. But even Chrome uses the Mac’s standard contextual menus (what you see when you right-click) — Edge even fakes those.

The whole thing does feel very fast.

Marcin Krzyzanowski:

Isn’t it ridiculous that soon we’ll end up with Chrome, IE Edge, Firefox, Safari, where 3/4 uses the same engine and none of it is 100% compatible with any other? How did we manage to end in this ridiculous situation?

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz:

I don’t trust Google or Microsoft’s priorities (Google’s especially), and Chrome needs to lose some market share for our benefit. History has shown that a monopoly in the browser department doesn’t end well. Apple had the unique ability to challenge Google on competing desktop OSes and they forfeited that fight.

See also: Inside Microsoft’s surprise decision to work with Google on its Edge browser (tweet).


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Just so long as it doesn't have that "hold cmd-Q for a while to quit" "feature" that Chrome has.

@Clark -- why don't you just turn that feature off?

I personally like it (though I hate Chrome because it's a processor hog) and I've enabled similar functionality in Safari. It keeps me from quitting the app accidentally when all I meant to do was CMD-W.

@Clark I believe I read that it does.

I encourage everyone to use firefox. open source and minimally corporate. it's vital that it continue really.

Yeah, I mostly use Firefox on the desktop with a smattering of Vivaldi (another Chromium based browser) too. I even prefer a healthy dose of Firefox on Mobile (although I cheat by using Brave as well, because sometimes it works better, that darned Chromium monoculture).

>I believe I read that it does.

Yeah, unless there are no open windows (in which case Cmd-Q quits immediately), you have to hold it. I don't think this can be turned off in Edge.

@Chrome That’s too bad; at least Chrome has a very prominent option to turn it off.

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