Thursday, May 16, 2019

Detaching Safari’s Downloads Popover

Ricky Mondello:

Did you know that you can drag Safari’s Downloads popover by its title into being a detached, free-standing window, so you can more easily monitor your long-running downloads?

This is actually a general feature of popovers in macOS. For example, you can also use it to detach multiple Calendar events to compare or to leave on-screen for reference. (However, it doesn’t seem to work with Fantastical events—I guess they are either not standard popovers or detaching has been disabled.)

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It's not so much that detaching has been disabled as that it wasn't enabled. Popovers are non-detachable by default. To make a popover detachable, you have to assign a delegate to the popover, and the delegate has to implement `-[NSPopoverDelegate popoverShouldDetach:]` to return `YES`.

I had no idea that was possible. I don't mind having a popover, but not being able to open a separate window is maddening.

Unfortunately, the iCloud Tabs toolbar popover doesn't detach.

I just learned ^^^ that there's an optional iCloud Tabs toolbar item. That's a lot more handy than having to "Show Tab Overview".

Seems like that toolbar item should be a default if you've got iCloud Tabs turned on. I always wondered "Why aren't my iCloud Tabs listed in a menu somewhere?"

I even remember the time we had a real download window. That was much more practical… I’m more disappointed with Panic however, doing the same in Transmit. Transmit was also switched from having a useful download window/view in version 4 to this gimmicky dud they have now in version 5

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