Thursday, May 16, 2019

PDFpen 11


Top features you’ve requested in v11:

  • Split-view mode for editing
  • New Font Bar for expressive font control
  • Import scans from Continuity Camera
  • Customize page-number locations
  • Add multiple items to the Library at once
  • Option to turn off guides
  • Medical/Legal dictionaries for OCR (English language)
  • Automatic deskew independent of OCR
  • […]

Interestingly, they are offering an upgrade path from the Mac App Store to their store:

  1. Download PDFpen 11 or PDFpenPro 11 from our site.
  2. Launch v.11. It will prompt you to locate your Mac App Store app so that we can verify the receipt.
  3. If your upgrade is…
    – Free you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address, and will be issued a free license for v.11. Finished!
    – Not free you can click on “Buy an upgrade license” for upgrade pricing.
  4. Go through the screens to purchase the US $30 upgrade to v.11 or the US $50 upgrade to PDFpenPro from PDFpen.
  5. Complete your purchase and PDFpen/PDFpenPro will register with your new license. You will also receive an email of your new license for your records.

This sounds like what Omni tried back in 2013 but had to retract. The difference, I guess, is that Omni actually generated a full serial number for the old version (which was then eligible for upgrade pricing), whereas Smile is just giving you the upgrade pricing directly. Based on Apple’s stated reasoning before, I would expect for them to have a problem with this, too. But perhaps (hopefully) the unwritten rules have changed again.


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Similar strategy for Movist Pro ( The MAS forced them to remove features, so they came up with a Pro version on their site that restores the feature. The Pro app can find your MAS version and activate the Pro features for free.

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