Thursday, March 21, 2019

More Undiscoverable Gestures

Nick Lockwood:

For years I thought it was weird that Apple’s phone UI provides no way to paste in a copied phone number. Then someone showed me how to do it and… I couldn’t be angrier 🤬

In case it isn’t clear from that screenshot, you have to long-press on the featureless whitespace area above the keypad.

I guess putting a text field, or literally anything at all would have compromised the designer’s vision.

I didn’t know this either.

Alex Rosenberg:

It’s the same with copying from Calculator. As a user, I expect that to work because the same traditionally worked on Mac.

Constantino Tsarouhas:

You can also tap it once to use it like any other text field (cursor, selection, etc.). It’s been that way since the redesign in iOS 7, IIRC.

Kirill Pahnev:

We have to agree. iOS has become platform of hidden tricks and gestures

Andrei Anton:

…maybe the actual problem is having an UI where what’s technically an input field (that’s obviously expected to have a “long tap to copy/cut/paste” function) looks EXACTLY like whitespace! Let’s bring back UIs that actually have strong visual cues in them…

Jaime Santana:

Another “hidden” dialpad feature; upon opening it, with the text field still empty tap the dial button, it will paste the last dialed number. You have to tap the dial button one more time to actually dial it.

Jason notes that you can put a call on hold by touching and holding the Mute button.

Tom Dale:

I’ve been using OS X for over 15 years and I just figured out how to remove a saved color from the system color picker.


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Remember pressing home + power to hard reboot any iOS device since forever?

That too is gone. I understand devices with no home button, but Apple messed with the iPhone 7 and 8.

To hard restart my iPhone 8 Plus? Volume up, volume down, THEN power. The older methods do not work at all.

Did I buy a carrier unlocked iPhone, or an expensive Super Nintendo? *GROAN*

That's because the Home button is no longer a physical button. Hardware resets depend on hardware buttons to activate.

Pressing the dial button to redial the last number has been a feature of cell phones since time immemorial. My Nokia phones had that feature in the late 90s. The difference there is those phones came with a paper manual that told you this functionality was available. All the information in this post about the phone app is actually in the manual, it’s just no one seems to ever RTFM anymore.

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