Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Improved Twitter Data Export

Cabel Sasser:

Holy smokes — Twitter Data Export has been massively upgraded. In January I exported my data: 42MB. Today, I get a 3.03GB (!!!) json-based archive of everything — followers, DMs, and most importantly, ALL MY MEDIA! Photos and videos! THIS IS VERY GOOD 🎉

wow according to account-suspension.js i was suspended briefly from twitter?? what’d i do?? also mildly interesting to look at my ad-engagements.js


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I'm a little bummed, though, because while the data content has vastly improved, it appears the pre-built HTML pages are gone. I used to periodically download an update and set it in my web hosting space for easy access (twitter.albj.net). But now it's nothing but raw data files. Sure, it is possible to build something to parse the files and present the data in a web page, but that is way beyond my skill set. Any pointers? (I'm only referring to the tweet content. All the other info is essentially private and I don't need to parse it.)

@Lee Yeah, that’s a pity. It seems like the kind of thing there would be an open source project for, but I’m not familiar with what’s available.

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