Monday, April 29, 2019

Mozilla Looking for IRC Replacement

Mike Hoye:

I wasn’t in the room when was stood up, but from what I’ve heard IRC wasn’t “chosen” so much as it was the obvious default, the only tool available in the late ’90s. Suffice to say that as a globally distributed organization, Mozilla has relied on IRC as our main synchronous communications tool since the beginning. For much of that time it’s served us well, if for some less-than-ideal values of “us” and “well”.


We’ve come to the conclusion that for all IRC’s utility, it’s irresponsible of us to ask our people – employees, volunteers, partners or anyone else – to work in an environment that we can’t make sure is healthy, safe and productive.


In the next small number of months, Mozilla intends to deprecate IRC as our primary synchronous-text communications platform, stand up a replacement and decommission soon afterwards. I’m charged with leading that process on behalf of the organization.

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I really hope it will be open source and not Slack. I'm a member of the Drupal community and we are using a Rocketchat instance for our communication and it is really great. There is also a slack for Drupal but we are not paying and all the historical data gets lost after the 10k message limit.

We'd love to have you guys on board! Are you considering our platform?

I concur, open is important. Hope Mozilla finds the best solution that is still open.

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