Friday, April 5, 2019

MailSuite 1.0.7


With MailSuite we have consolidated our four(4) previous plugins into a single plugin. The MailSuite app acts as the plugin manager for the MailSuite plugin and helps with the communications between the MailSuite plugin and Mail. The MailSuite app also manages the installation and updating of the individual components (MailTags, Mail Act-On, SigPro, Mail Perspectives).

This makes a big difference because Mojave has really increased the friction for installing and updating Mail plug-ins. Each component is now a meta plug-in that can be updated without updating the actual Mail plug-in (which requires reauthorization in Mail).

The MailTags component is being overhauled to move the syncing of tag data from the internals of messages relying on the email server for synchronising, to separate, associated records that are encrypted and stored on a SmallCubed managed server.

EagleFiler 1.8.7 knows about the new MailTags storage format and will preserve the tags, projects, and notes when importing messages.


MailSuite users who want to synchronise their tagged messages on multiple computers will need to use SmallCube’s new Tag Syncing Service. MailSuite uses end-to-end encryption on all stored data. This means that data is encrypted before it is sent to the server and can only be decrypted on the user’s devices using the same Tag Syncing Service profile. SmallCubed does not have access to the keys that are used to encrypt/decrypt the data.

Notably, the optional server feature does not require a subscription.

Previously: Mojave Privacy Protection Aftermath.

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