Friday, April 5, 2019

HoudahSpot 5.0

Houdah Software:

Folding Text Preview — Text Preview can focus on paragraphs that match your search. This makes it easier to see the context in which the text was found.


New filter options — Filter – show or hide – search results by name, path, or folder names. For example, when you want to find all photos in folders named “vacation”, it is quicker to use filters than to list all of these folders as search locations. Just run a search for photos in your home folder. Then filter the results to see only photos where a parent folder is named “vacation”.


Quicker criteria setup — While entering criteria values in the Refine pane, you can press a keyboard shortcut to add another criterion for the same attribute. For example, when searching for file names that contain both “Houdah” and “Software”: Fill in the “Name” criterion by typing “Houdah”. Then press Command-Option-Return to get a new row. Then type “Software”.

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