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Bad Release Notes

Bad Release Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Dedicated to shaming apps for their bad release notes.

Submissions are welcome by email or Twitter.

Damien Petrilli:


“The goal is to use this site as a reference when Apple deny your App update because of the release notes being not descriptive enough”


Update (2019-03-22): Jeff Johnson:

* We had to ship an update to change the Description field in App Store Connect.

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A majority (well over half; probably more) of the apps I have on my iPhone provide vacant and insubstantial release notes. Some of them (Transit App, I'm looking at you) take a different tack and instead try to run a self-indulgent Vaudeville comedy act with useful information occasionally hidden therein.

I would so much love it if Apple would start enforcing meaningful release notes (right after they fix bug reporting and start fixing their own bugs).

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