Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How Omni Does Release Notes

Brent Simmons:

For major releases, our product managers (PMs) use our bug tracker (OmniBugZapper) to make sure there’s a note for each bug fix, new feature, and behavior change. […] We have a build phase that renders Markdown to HTML and also replaces some tokens[…]


Our PMs use TextMate and BBEdit, and we’ve done some customization to make editing these easier[…]


We try to localize the App Store release notes for major and feature releases.


We use fastlane to upload all the metadata for each release to App Store Connect.

My current workflow is to track issues in OmniOutliner. Before checking off a row, I use a LaunchBar snippet to insert some text, including the release note comment, into the row’s note. When it’s time to write up the release notes, I have an AppleScript that extracts them from the select rows’ notes and formats them in reStructuredText. This is then converted to plain text (for the mailing list and the Mac App Store), PDF (for the manual), and HTML (for the Web manual, Apple Help, blog, software update, and MacUpdate).

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